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Watercolour Paintings

A wonderful, versatile medium. One which benefits very well from the “less is more” approach for maintaining its freshness and glow on the paper. Over working or muddied watercolours are one of the most prevalent errors made when using this medium.

All my watercolour pieces viewed here were completed on cold press illustration board or on stretched 300 lb watercolour paper. I work semi dry with watercolour, using a combination of washes and glazes as well as dry brush technique to create textures, and line emphasizing when needed. I prefer to manually work around my whites and highlights, rather than use any sort of masking techniques. This I feel gives me a strong ability to control edge softness and gradients within the highlights, leaving the white of the paper for very strong highlights. As well, I am a big fan of the scrub back technique to create subtle lights in darker areas. The board and papers I use are very forgiving.

Beagle and butterfly watercolour painting
Forties couple watercolour painting
Beagle watercolour painting
Cocktail glass watercolour painting
Portrait of crystal watercolour painting
Funny Older Couple watercolour painting
Male Back watercolour study
Memorial portrait girl and aunt watercolour painting
Tree in Landscape watercolour study painting
Antique baby portrait watercolour painting
Man with black lab puppy watercolour painting
Kids at frog pond watercolour painting
Three generations portrait watercolour painting
kids on beach in the 1960s watercolour portrait painting
Cat by sliding glass door watercolour painting

Durability, flexibility and longevity are traits of this more contemporary medium. My acrylic portraits and paintings were completed using professional artist grade heavy body pigments, preferably Liquitex brand, on cotton duck primed canvas or primed hard board.

Working with a more natural earth tone colour based palette, staying away from the more synthetic, man made sort of colours, helps me create more traditional looking paintings and portraits with acrylic. It has always been my adage to work With the medium and its natural quick drying tendencies, than to try to extend the pigments with slow dry mediums. I use small amounts of water and some blending fluid, for glazing when needed, as a vehicle, as well as work in a dry brushing, scumbling or circular rubbing motion method with mainly just the damp paint. Paper towels are always handy right by my palette for ridding the brush of excess pigment first.

Acrylic Paintings

Yellow bikini acrylic painting
Charmaine bubblegum acrylic painting
Chris fishing off rock painting
Chris in tube at playground acrylic painting
Cinny and Frog acrylic painting
Cinny on quilt acrylic painting
Cow skull acrylic painting
Espresso in Spain acrylic painting
Farmland acrylic painting
Girl with Pink Flower acrylic painting
Naive Sun and Moon Mug acrylic painting
Girl in Quebec acrylic painting
Girl with Bridal Hair acrylic painting
Girl with Paper Crown acrylic painting
Girl on Merry-go-Round Horse acrylic painting
Glass Vase with Faux Gerberas painting
Grapefruit on Blue Plate acrylic painting
Grey Tabby Cat Portrait acrylic painting
Hay Bales on Farm acrylic painting
Cinnamon on Carpet acrylic cat painting
Fat Tabby Cat on Old Rug acrylic painting
Portrait of Lori acrylic painting
Little Girl and Stuffed Toys acrylic portrait painting
Little Red Headed Boy acrylic portrait painting
Girl with Sidewalk Chalk acrylic portrait painting
Stephanie acrylic portrait painting
The Roxy in Mexico acrylic landscape painting
Tomatos on Window Sill acrylic painting
Antique Toy Frog and Marble acrylic still life painting
Sophie Study acrylic portrait painting
Margherita drink in Mexico acrylic painting
Cocktail glass and marble acrylic painting
Little Cat on Antique Dresser acrylic painting
Sun and Moon Mug Still Life acrylic painting
White Wine Jug in Paris Cafe acrylic still life painting
Girl with Sunglasses black and white airbrush acrylic portrait painting
Puppy on Piano Bench airbrush black and white acrylic portrait painting

Oil Paintings

A beautiful medium that exhibits a glow and depth in a finished piece that is not easily achieved with other mediums. Oil does require more consideration and knowledge about the preparation of a good stable and archival surface beforehand. I rarely work in oil but my past pieces were all completed on primed hardboard, mainly in Windsor Newton artist grade pigments, and a small amount of mineral spirits as the vehicle.

Oil paints I used with small amounts of mineral spirits as a vehicle and worked in a mix of glazing and almost opaque brush stroke lay in method. However, oils may be used, and are used by many artists, successfully, just from the tube, they do not necessarily require any use of thinners. Safety considerations must be taken with oil painting, when using any type of thinners, more so than with watercolour or acrylics.

Amy oil painting
Eggs in metal bowl oil painting
Lingerie and High Heels oil painting
Goldie big gold tabby cat oil painting
Tortoise Shell in Light cat oil painting
Pumpkin on Windowsill cat oil painting
Cinnamon Looking Out Window cat oil painting

The key to developing good drawing skills that can be applied to working up a drawing for a painting, come from constantly maintaining good observational abilities, visual memory, and plenty of continuous practice. Though I did begin life drawing at age sixteen in high school, continuing two times a week for four years during art college, as well as attending drop in life drawing groups off and on, there is no need to go to any expense to practice this. Though you could search out artist groups or drop in life drawing groups in your area. However, lots of artists sketch from life in public, there is the option of working from still life at home, in natural or artificial direct light, as well as drawing pets and family members. One idea is to begin by practicing drawing quick thirty second to one minute gestures from people and pets that move around you, either at home or in public.

Life Drawing

Drawing of Lynn
Drawing of Cheryl
Drawing of Cheryl's face
Pencil drawing of Caroline
Sitting Asian Female Figure charcoal drawing
Man Resting Head in Hands charcoal gesture drawing
Sitting Male Figure charcoal life drawing
Man Resting Head in Hands Profile charcoal drawing
Woman with Eyes Closed life drawing in charcoal
Reclining Male Figure conte gesture drawing
Man with Glasses quick charcoal drawing
Woman in Profile quick charcoal drawing
Reclining Male Figure pencil drawing
Reclining female figure charcoal on kraft paper
Gesture drawings on paper
Acrylic study from life painting
Life drawing of female torso in conte
Asian male life drawing in pencil
Portrait studies in brown pencil
Portrait study in graphite
Woman from life brown pencil drawing


Jocelyn Ball-Hansen

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